Generalist among specialists

Story time Last year, I went Into a wormhole. I had an offer to join a startup, and the founder asked me to pick my position (I was the second person in the company), and for some reason, that felt like someone slapped me.

I asked for 2 weeks to decide, that was the start of the wormhole!

What's my super power? What is it that I am good at? I was always busy wearing so many hats that I never thought what is it that I'm really good at.

I started having self doubt, "Omg, I'm not good at anything" I know abit of everything, but I can't pinpoint one thing that is my superpower.

Sales? Yes

Marketing? Yes

Raising money? Yes

Finding talent? Yes

Networking? Yes

This thought process literally made me doubt everything i have ever accomplished.

I started doing my research and it somehow led to AltMBA, 13 projects in 30 days and a-lot of feedback? Sign me up!

Superpower, I'm coming to find you 🚀

While waiting for the course to start, the founder who gave me the offer asked me to start working while going through my quarter Life crisis 🤣 he was very understanding, that this became a problem i needed to solve.

First day AltMBA, They ask us to say what we want to get out of the course. Duh....... I want to find my superpower! I start discussing with my cohort on what my problem is and what i want to get from the course.

We had to write in specifics what we want to achieve and post it publicly to the rest of the cohort see and give feedback.

I posted it and went to bed.

The next day I wake up and I have a notification blow out, feedback has been delivered from my fellow ravens (AltMBA name for us).

I'M SHOOOK by the feedback, i didn't see this coming!

People went crazy on me!

"Jawad, what you think is your weakness is literally a superpower"
"Jawad, let's trade shoes, I want to be a generalist"
"We are moving to a world where generalist will triumph specialist"

What the hell is happening! People want to do, what I can do? Boom from the first day, I realized that my superpower is being a generalist.

As one of my fellow ravens said "A generalist amongst specialists"

This experience lead me to see that in our world today, we are seeking people that are generalists, creative people who do the uncomfortable thing, show up day in and day out, people who go out of their way to deliver, even if it's not within their "specialty".

Our jobs are not to put bolts in car doors at factories anymore, it's not rinse and repeat, our jobs require creativity and honing multiple skills, adjacent and non adjacent.

P.s. Become a generalist with a specialty.