About me


YOO 👋 Jawad over here

I'm an Entrepreneur, early stage builder, and sometimes love taking "calculated" risks (at-least i think so).

I host the Thinking backwards podcast with a goal to push for action, we get pumped on motivation all the time! but it dies out.......We have self doubt, we keep delaying and we make up excuses.

What if we add action to every valuable piece of information we get? Well, its the antidote to all of the above!

If you listen to the podcast , I am holding you accountable to take action after every episode!

"You can borrow knowledge, but not action." James Clear.

I co founded Laxford Capital, an AI based hedge fund aiming to create a fully automated AI trader, from Analysis to Trading. Our first AI generated portfolio has been making an average net of 30% year over year since fund inception in 2017. The team has been working ever since on enhancing the AI, we called her Cerri and she is able to abstract every price movement possible, In real time.

Before that, I founded Yourder, a restaurant application and Tablet POS that allows Diners to Order. Split. Pay right from their table. This mainstreamed the order process and increased restaurants table turnover by an average of 20%, Enhanced customer experience and increased tip for waiters. (Small exit after 2.5 years)

Before that, I Co-founded Oortek in 2012, we were aiming to take the computer fully to cloud and provide students and low income families the opportunity to just buy a dongle that can be plugged to any screen and run your computer on it. We were very early in our timing and didn't anticipate the need of a high funding round to scale such a company or to run a computer fully on a cloud (2012)

Oortek is why I fell in love with building startups! it was an amazing learning experience.



I am a generalist, but deep down, Product management, operations, Hiring talent, bootstrapping, story telling and networking.

I guess still a generalist 👆