hi. Welcome to thinking backwards. This is your host Jawad. 📍 This podcast is here to help you tap into your inner creative and get you to ship your best work. We would interview guests have succeeded and failed.

We would learn from them. And how they got their dream job. How did they get the raise they were looking for? How did they start their side hustle?

But more importantly, how did they take the leap?

To push.

The start button.

In this episode, I will be talking about why I started the show. What made me hit the record button? And who's it for.

I started off my podcast thinking, I know exactly what I want to say. But frankly, this is my seventh go at my intro. Something keeps telling me, The quality isn't good enough, My voice sounds off the structure is a mess. What is that? It is the resistance. The voice in my head is giving me reasons to stop what I'm doing. It is the devil in our heads telling us to drop everything and move on. Stay in our comfort zone.

You know that moment when the light bulb goes off, And you have a great idea. You keep swirling it in your head, you pitch the idea to your friends and family, Excited to execute it, And see success. Everybody supports you, But then days go by and you ended up doing nothing. Why is that? Because resistance takes the best of you, convinces you, that you don't have what it takes. You don't have enough money to do it. It's too hard.

You tell yourself you have a job, You're making good money. That should be good enough. 📍

But it's not. And you know, that. But you have fed into the resistance and now it's too hard to fight it. You got buried by the resistance.

Finishing this podcast, putting it out there, I am fighting resistance. I am showing up. I am recording and I'm shipping. This is good enough. And I believe with the practice and time I would get better.

The further you get out of your comfort zone, the more resistance you will experience, the more your brain will tell you to stop what you're doing, And give excuses to why this is making you uncomfortable.

This is not a phenomenon that singles you out. Everybody out there face some sorts of resistance. Even the great ones that we admire, You think they didn't struggle?.

It doesn't fade with time either.

As Seth Godin says you need to learn how to dance with it. You need to dance with the fear. So if you're sitting at your job, And you don't like what's going on. You want to get a promotion? You want to get a raise? Or you want to start working on the idea that you have, dedicate an hour or two, just to work on that, How can you execute that?

This is your way of fighting through the resistance.

Announce to your friends.

That's you're going to start working on this goal. When you announce what you want to achieve, you put yourself on the hook, your friends will hold you accountable to show up and ship.

This is where it gets difficult. This is the time you will be under the spotlight and you have to face the music.

Thinking backwards. Why did I call it that? A lot of my friends said Jawad, thinking backwards has a negative connotation to it.

I like to think about it differently.

It seems that thinking normally isn't getting people to where they want to go. It's not leading them into quitting the job they hate, it's not leading them into getting that promotion. It's not leading them into finding their passion. It's not leading them into their freedom. So how about we think backwards, go against the wave.

Thinking backwards might just be the reason you reach your goal.

I hope you enjoyed this, This is your host Jawad, With thinking backwards. I will see you soon on the first episode. Thank you.